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Network marketing and Quixtar

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A few months ago, 4 to be precise, I got a friend request on Orkut. (For the naive, Orkut is a social networking website like facebook and vice versa). I got curious about this guy and he replied back that he was a friend of my school friend Ankit (name changed). I was glad to add a new local contact, that too from NY.

Some time later this guy posted a scrap asking me about my education, degree and gave his contact number. So did I. One day he called up and we had a little conversation. This was about 3 weeks back. Last Thursday, he called back again and asked me if I was interested in an opportunity where there is a potential to earn money. I am always open for such options and agreed. So he sent me a link for a conference hosting website where a presentation was scheduled.

I followed the registration process and proceeded to view the presentation. It was hosted by an Indian guy, John or Joseph something. Lets call him J. There were 5-6 other participants. The presentation started with the concept of residual income. I got really interested because, I was curious about the way people made money on the internet, through blogs and ads, etc. And, now it had a name. RESIDUAL INCOME. He spoke at length about the book, “Rich dad and poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and brought up the idea of IEAL, i.e. income, expenses, assets and liabilities. It was going good so far until when he started the topic of network marketing and linked up to residual income. This made me feel disappointed.

All the network marketing models, have a similar structure, and people support their logic with mathematical manipulations which are rather difficult for an average mind to understand without avoiding the pitfalls. This is the reason, I don’t like network marketing and similar other business models. The one that I remember is Amway, where people at the lower end always lose.  Later, J introduced Quixtar, which is an Amway company and explained how it is different from the Amway model.  After the presentation, the orkut friend called me again and asked me if I was  interested. I didn’t wanted to reject the proposal immediately so I asked him for some time to do my research if it calls for my time and money.

I did some research and found to my surprise that the only way you can sell Quixtar products is by word of mouth or personal networking methods. The web way is not allowed. Further, why would I buy some random brand products when I can get a better product in the store for the same price with more convenience and options. Also, I would prefer to see, touch, feel and smell products before I buy.

Well, I have made my decision, and I know for sure what my answer would be.


Written by kaustubh82

December 14, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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