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We experience static electricity almost everyday. How about inventing a way to capture and use it ?

Idea:So, I thought of a back lit paper. The idea is to enable a reader to read text in the dark with the use of static electricity drawn from the reader.

Construction: A sandwich of a transparent sheet on a flexible electronic wafer that will lit when held in both the hands. Static electricity from the user will be used to power the micro  (or possibly a nano) light emitting elements assembled on the back sheet. The printed text thus will be visible under bad light conditions without the necessity of carrying batteries ever.

Task: Research the potential developed by human body and the current flow if any. Think a way of using this energy to generate light emitting elements. I am not sure if LEDs will work here but those are the first on the list to research 🙂

PS: I started writing this post on January 7, 2010 without researching if this idea was in use. As I was updating the post today, I looked for the concept and found this link. So, someone else already conceived this idea and worked on it, eh ? Well, they are not using static electricity though. Yet they are very close. I don’t think they didn’t explore the possibility of a static electricity based device. They must have thought about it and may be working on it but probably its too early for them to disclose . Interesting !


Written by kaustubh82

May 19, 2010 at 5:59 am

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