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A week is left before I graduate. The commencement is on Friday, 18th.
I will leave UF with a zillion experiences, some to cherish, some to ponder, some to forget and some to deny. Overall, it was a spectacular experience to be a part of a US university and study with intelligent, smart people drawn from every nation of the world. Now that it ends in week, I am asking myself, “What did I learn. What do I look forward to. What are the goals ?”

What did I learn ?
I answer with complete honesty. I learned a lot. So much, that it transformed me, however I don’t know if the transformation was good or bad but it was just and fair. The best way to know it, is through the people I meet. And I am still in that process.

What do I look forward to ?
I look forward to living every day with optimism and hope.

What are the goals ?
My needs are the same as those of every human being as defined by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. My goal is to identify where I stand and then act towards the next level.

It will be a different feeling to be away from Gainesville and not to be a part of UF. So I am registering in the UF Alumni association. At least, this way I will stay connected.

I would like to thank all my Professors, friends and colleagues to make my experience at UF complete.



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December 11, 2009 at 6:49 pm

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