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Backlit paper

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We experience static electricity almost everyday. How about inventing a way to capture and use it ?

Idea:So, I thought of a back lit paper. The idea is to enable a reader to read text in the dark with the use of static electricity drawn from the reader.

Construction: A sandwich of a transparent sheet on a flexible electronic wafer that will lit when held in both the hands. Static electricity from the user will be used to power the micro  (or possibly a nano) light emitting elements assembled on the back sheet. The printed text thus will be visible under bad light conditions without the necessity of carrying batteries ever.

Task: Research the potential developed by human body and the current flow if any. Think a way of using this energy to generate light emitting elements. I am not sure if LEDs will work here but those are the first on the list to research 🙂

PS: I started writing this post on January 7, 2010 without researching if this idea was in use. As I was updating the post today, I looked for the concept and found this link. So, someone else already conceived this idea and worked on it, eh ? Well, they are not using static electricity though. Yet they are very close. I don’t think they didn’t explore the possibility of a static electricity based device. They must have thought about it and may be working on it but probably its too early for them to disclose . Interesting !


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May 19, 2010 at 5:59 am

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Coming up with ideas is MANDATORY

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Very soon after I joined my present company, my yearly objectives were established. Among all, the most troublesome objective I feel is the one that says I should come up with at least one improvement idea every month as a part if the continuous improvement initiative. I find this objective inhibiting my ability to come up with new ideas. Instead of the constraint, there should be some incentive to the person presenting the idea, of course only if the idea is implemented successfully. The incentives could be cash, an appreciation to some goodies, like a chocolate or may be an appreciation letter from the department head, etc. But with the cash incentive problem of favoritism will be pronounced even if the person comes up with genuine ideas regularly. So lets do away with the cash thing. But others are fine. Had the constraint not been there, I feel I would have come up with more number of ideas actively.

So, I guess the right thing to do would be to speak with my manager. Guess what ! The manager who worked with me on my objectives has moved to another project (either she was scared of the complexity of the project or she had the wisdom to see the project going bust). Now we have a new manager. This new manager seems to be more affable, more knowledgeable and less confused that my previous manager. Well, whatever or whoever the manager is, I hope it works out well for me in the long term. Amen.

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May 19, 2010 at 2:56 am

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Network marketing and Quixtar

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A few months ago, 4 to be precise, I got a friend request on Orkut. (For the naive, Orkut is a social networking website like facebook and vice versa). I got curious about this guy and he replied back that he was a friend of my school friend Ankit (name changed). I was glad to add a new local contact, that too from NY.

Some time later this guy posted a scrap asking me about my education, degree and gave his contact number. So did I. One day he called up and we had a little conversation. This was about 3 weeks back. Last Thursday, he called back again and asked me if I was interested in an opportunity where there is a potential to earn money. I am always open for such options and agreed. So he sent me a link for a conference hosting website where a presentation was scheduled.

I followed the registration process and proceeded to view the presentation. It was hosted by an Indian guy, John or Joseph something. Lets call him J. There were 5-6 other participants. The presentation started with the concept of residual income. I got really interested because, I was curious about the way people made money on the internet, through blogs and ads, etc. And, now it had a name. RESIDUAL INCOME. He spoke at length about the book, “Rich dad and poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and brought up the idea of IEAL, i.e. income, expenses, assets and liabilities. It was going good so far until when he started the topic of network marketing and linked up to residual income. This made me feel disappointed.

All the network marketing models, have a similar structure, and people support their logic with mathematical manipulations which are rather difficult for an average mind to understand without avoiding the pitfalls. This is the reason, I don’t like network marketing and similar other business models. The one that I remember is Amway, where people at the lower end always lose.  Later, J introduced Quixtar, which is an Amway company and explained how it is different from the Amway model.  After the presentation, the orkut friend called me again and asked me if I was  interested. I didn’t wanted to reject the proposal immediately so I asked him for some time to do my research if it calls for my time and money.

I did some research and found to my surprise that the only way you can sell Quixtar products is by word of mouth or personal networking methods. The web way is not allowed. Further, why would I buy some random brand products when I can get a better product in the store for the same price with more convenience and options. Also, I would prefer to see, touch, feel and smell products before I buy.

Well, I have made my decision, and I know for sure what my answer would be.

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December 14, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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A new beginning

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A week is left before I graduate. The commencement is on Friday, 18th.
I will leave UF with a zillion experiences, some to cherish, some to ponder, some to forget and some to deny. Overall, it was a spectacular experience to be a part of a US university and study with intelligent, smart people drawn from every nation of the world. Now that it ends in week, I am asking myself, “What did I learn. What do I look forward to. What are the goals ?”

What did I learn ?
I answer with complete honesty. I learned a lot. So much, that it transformed me, however I don’t know if the transformation was good or bad but it was just and fair. The best way to know it, is through the people I meet. And I am still in that process.

What do I look forward to ?
I look forward to living every day with optimism and hope.

What are the goals ?
My needs are the same as those of every human being as defined by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. My goal is to identify where I stand and then act towards the next level.

It will be a different feeling to be away from Gainesville and not to be a part of UF. So I am registering in the UF Alumni association. At least, this way I will stay connected.

I would like to thank all my Professors, friends and colleagues to make my experience at UF complete.


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December 11, 2009 at 6:49 pm

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Irrespective of the circumstances, you are responsible for the work you have been assigned. Give your best to it, Let your work fall in love with you !

– Yeah..that’s by inspire myself 🙂

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December 6, 2008 at 5:24 am

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